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Be ‘FIT’, to be famous

‘FIT’, here is nothing but Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Damn simple, right? Most of our parents are concerned about our relationship with our phone. They think we are thoughtlessly scrolling down the Social Media pages and that we are jobless or even bored of our lives. Well, that’s true sometimes. And, when we try to explain to them that we work on those pages for a living, they conclude that we have gone too far away from their hands.
Brands these days definitely need to be ‘FIT’ Facebook, Instagram and twitter visible because it is most effective way of marketing. It is the simplest and the most powerful word of mouth way of marketing to reach people. The potential is next level. A newspaper, a flyer or any written or printed piece can reach the audience in the proximity of the location. Social media easily overcomes this challenge. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter gives us access to hundreds of millions of users who can read and see the message we generate. Every person who read…

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