Be ‘FIT’, to be famous

‘FIT’, here is nothing but Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Damn simple, right? Most of our parents are concerned about our relationship with our phone. They think we are thoughtlessly scrolling down the Social Media pages and that we are jobless or even bored of our lives. Well, that’s true sometimes. And, when we try to explain to them that we work on those pages for a living, they conclude that we have gone too far away from their hands.

Brands these days definitely need to be ‘FIT’ Facebook, Instagram and twitter visible because it is most effective way of marketing. It is the simplest and the most powerful word of mouth way of marketing to reach people. The potential is next level.
A newspaper, a flyer or any written or printed piece can reach the audience in the proximity of the location. Social media easily overcomes this challenge. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter gives us access to hundreds of millions of users who can read and see the message we generate. Every person who reads or shares or sees the content we provide becomes our digital property. Besides, Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and Google + are some of the most important tools we use to align our social media strategy.
In other words, social media can be called a game rather than a marketing strategy for the growth of a brand. And, this game is definitely fun.
 ‘FIT’ is as simple as it sounds. Facebook is currently the largest social network site across the globe which has around 2.2 billion monthly users. We can reach out to people with Facebook ads and the same is fairly cheaper than any other advertising medium. Unlike other mediums, Facebook ensures the reach of the ad to the set target audience.
Twitter is a great tool to bulk update content statuses so that there is regular engagement with the followers of our page. A great way to use Twitter to get utmost visibility is to be a part of the hash tags of the trending themes. The idyllic number of tweets per day to stay connected with the followers shall be between 4 to 8. It has 330 million monthly users.
Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media with 800 million monthly users. The digital trends on Instagram witness 10 times more engagement than any other social media platform. It is also an excellent channel to promote your products using high resolutions photos using hash tags. Instagram is currently the prime social marketing platform for engagement.
Social media has become one of the most important marketing channels for the biggest brands of the world. Hence, be ‘FIT’, to be famous.